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Incheon is a major city in Korea. Home to the Incheon International Airport and Incheon International Port, it is on the Yellow Sea. The Incheon Airport is a splendid construction example of technology. Many people who live in Incheon travel to Seoul each day. Tours to Icheon include Incheon Seokmodo Island, Muuido Island and Ganghwado Island. Yeongjong Island and Ganghwa Island are special attractions. Buddhist temples like the Jeondeung-sa, historical areas like the Goryo Palace, landmarks like the China Town and Yeongjongdu Island and parks like the Jayu Park are popular destinations of Incheon. You can also experience transit tours to nearby Seoul.

We offer complete privacy, luxury, security and comfort to our guests. Of the Hotels in Incheon in South Korea, June Hotel in Incheon is very good accommodation for business persons and leisure seekers coming to Inchon.

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